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Client: The Coronado at Pelican Bay
Location: Naples, Florida

To Whom It May Concern:

For anyone considering alternative methods of heating their swimming pool water, I can recommend the “geothermal” system as provided by the J & L Refrigeration Company of Naples.

Initially the Coronado used propane gas as their heating, fuel for the swimming pool water. This was very costly. In early 2001, a committee was formed to look at alternate heating fuel including geothermal, natural gas, and electricity. We requested bids for comparison.

After reviewing information and bids, the committee met with the geo-thermal contactors. They were most pleased with Jack Puterbaugh’s presentation as president and owner of J & L Refrigeration Company. References showed that J & L had done many installations in Naples. In the summer of 2001, they did the complete installation of permitting, piping, drilling and electrical motor placement for the Coronado.

The team of J & L has been very responsive to my calls. As manager, I have been pleased with the operation of the geothermal units that have saved the Coronado considerable dollars in fuel expenses. I can recommend this company without reservation.

Yours truly,
Lambert H. Lang, CAM, PCAM

7225 Pelican Bay Boulevard
Naples, Florida 34108
(239) 596-3009

Client: Leonardo Arms
Location: Naples & Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Dear Jack,

When you installed our Geothermal Heating System, January 1997, you probably remember we “hooked in” to building 3’s electrical panel to provide electricity for the new installation. We were able to track back to see what the electrical usage was for building 3 over the past three years and calculate an average electrical usage for that building. It was therefore safe to assume that the difference in usage throughout 1997 was a result of the new Geothermal Heating System.

We also tracked our expenses on propane gas used with the old gas heater system and again arrived at an average yearly gas usage. After obtaining a predicted 1997 cost of gas from Balgas we were able to calculate what our propane gas cost would have been for 1997 had we continued with that heating system.

The net result, is that we saved $16,000 in pool heating costs over the year following the installation of the Geothermal Heating System.

We have been very pleased with the installation, which was completed ahead of schedule, and any minor problems have been swiftly looked after by your very able crew. The new heating system meets all the promises you made.

Please add my name to your list of references.

Adrian Clark

Leonardo Arms Condominium Association
7400 Estero Blvd., Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931

Client: Marina Bay Club of Naples

Dear Jeff,

Starting a letter is so difficult for me. I am sure of what I want to say, just not how to put it into words. You came to Marina bay club with a proposal to install geo-thermal on the property. You also told us we needed to dig a well. The Marina Bay Club accepted your bid, and I was lucky to see the whole project unfold.

I would like to take this time to thank you for a job well done. Every person on that job was very professional and friendly. I watched as they drilled the ground for water, how they cleaned up the mess and left the place like they were never there. Your company then installed the heaters and finished the job in such a short time. I was amazed how well everyone worked together.

Thank you, for your friendly nature, your excellent work ability and giving us this opportunity to use geo-thermal on the property. The Marina Bay Club has saved money and the pool temperature is always at a perfect temperature.

Kathleen Richichi, for the Board of Directors

Marina Bay Club
13105 Vanderbilt Dr.
Naples, FL 34110


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